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Wedding Coordinator Training


The Wedding Coordinator Paperwork Essentials Package

These documents are the very essence of a successful wedding coordination business and execution of flawless weddings because they address items that protect the coordinator and set up both client and coordinator for success.  The paperwork contained here is the result of 20 years of special event business, in-the-trenches experience and our own personal legal consultation. It is, perhaps, the most invaluable piece of information for a wedding coordinator business.  These  for you to take, use, and thrive.  Packet includes:


Contract, Terms & Conditions for "Month-of" Coordination Template


Contract, Terms & Conditions for "Full Service Planning" Template


Wedding Planning Client Questionnaire For Full Service Planning


Worksheet/Questionnaire  for 'Month of" Coordination


Day-of Production Schedule & Event Timeline Template 


Bridal Party Cheatsheet

Full Service Caterer & Full Service Florist Duty/Checklist

"I'm so excited!  This was the last missing piece I needed to get started...

everything is very extensive. I'm so grateful for these."

~Los Angeles Wedding Coordinator


Wedding Coordinator Business Jump Start

Includes a review of current marketing efforts and a custom plan drafted for marketing, social media and networking/building community;  collaboration on developing your packages and pricing that are suited to you, your overall revenue goals (including writing the enticing copy for your packages), contract & terms and conditions development; how to plan a photoshoot to jump start some PR and build your portfolio; includes up to 4 hours ( to be used when and how you wish) during the 90 days after the completion for on-retainer eConsultation/video conferencing advice & coaching.


Wedding Coordinator Training "Month-of"

From the event emergency kit, to ceremony processional , recessional, guest seating etiquette, timelines, production schedules, planning templates, entertaining clients to top secrets learned over 20 years  in business, this will allow you to get started on the right foot.


Wedding Coordinator Workshops on Hot Topics

We are always bringing fresh content in an intimate, fun learning environment.  Whether it's discussing what to do with a difficult client who just hired you, but is proving toxic and yet you don't want to jeopardize your reputation, to pricing for all the unknown intangibles that suck your time and end up "costing" you in the end, to bravely asking and discussing hot, controversial topics such as crowd sourcing for planning resources.  You can see which in-person workshops and speaking engagements we have coming up on our homepage under "Upcoming Events" as well as check out our Webinars on our Online Education page.



Wedding Coordinator Image & Branding

Through a specially-designed interview process, we get to the bottom of who you are , help you develop a Mission Statement consistent with "Become. Experience. Do."  which will translate to all areas of your business, as well as develop a strategic narrative for your marketing. We go to work developing a marketing , advertising social media and service plan that makes you stand out. But we don't stop there.

We take a look at the professional standards of world-class leaders, and what they consistently have and do at each event - from the Event Emergency Kit to behavior practices and subtleties "day of" that will not only have your clients satisfied, exceeding their expectations, but the respect of your industry partners, who will want to do business with you again and again.  


Wedding Coordinator Business Blogging

The best way to ensure you have a professional blog that is published on a regular basis is to hire a professional blogger who specializes in the wedding industry who knows the right, enticing images, how to format, tag and also write beautiful copy (yes, we offer this service, too).  But for many who prefer DIY, we will show you how even non-writers can develop a standard fool-proof format each time, how to increase SEO, choose and format photos, tag event partners and link to their sites (to increase your exposure) and more.  It is a careful blending of art and science.


Make sure you visit our Online Education page, which features several webinars of particular interest to professional wedding coordinators.

We can also customize certain sections of any of the above, depending on your spending plan. We know that starting up can be challenging time-wise and financially and our specialty is the boutique business.  

Drop us a line and let's chat about a plan perfect for you. 

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