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Venue Consultation


Whether it is a private estate or ranch being built from scratch, a family home that wishes to realize some of the niche revenue stream from weddings and special events, or a big open space that is a blank canvas, we have consulted with them all. 

Our services to venues range based on their unique needs and spending plan for what they wish to accomplish.  Here are some highlights of just some of our venue consultation services:

  • Providing feedback on the best event flow and use of space, considering the guest and event partner (vendor) experience

  • Creation of special event packages, including writing copy and helping to determine a price point that is industry and geographic-relevant

  • Creation of contract and terms and conditions unique to locations


  • Producing showcase events to show off the venue, get it in the media, and in front of event professional movers and shakers who will help in sending the venue business

  • Website development collaboration and all Website copywriting to promote the venue

  • Professional blogging services and article submission to media

  • Light PR support

  • Development of a Marketing, Advertising and Social Media plan, overseeing it or training someone on venue's staff how to manage it

  • Assistance hiring and training a special event sales manager to book and oversee all events at the venue

See Case Studies and Client Testimonials for samples of our work.

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