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igniting event & hospitality leaders & their teams to think, work & evolve different.

(grammar intentional)

20 years of world-class excellence & expertise

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Think Different. Work Different.

Evolve Different.

The crown jewel of this collection provides an array of delicious, rich topics & storytelling designed to pack a powerful punch in a short amount of time to leave attendees inspired to think & work differently.

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Mastering Priorities:

Task vs. Purpose

Inspiring your team to make the right choices with their time and service may feel daunting.  Empowering a team who knows the difference between task and purpose and understands which one "wins" every time elevates performance at all levels. 

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The CX

Game Changer: Elevating The Golden Rule To the Platinum Rule

The very heart of hospitality is The Golden Rule.  But businesses who elevate to The Platinum Rule have the opportunity of a lifetime for legendary service experience.

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That Divide Us

Turn industry cliques into collaborative and inclusive teams. In this session, start with a foundation of understanding why cliques are formed, their perceived purpose, and how they are adversely impacting the special events industry. Spark inspiration to be part of the change - whether you are in a clique (intentionally or unintentionally) or not. Better awareness is part of empathetic leadership, and empathetic leadership builds better community, teams, productivity, and a better industry.

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Getting Comfortable With Uncertainty & Making It Part of The Plan

In an industry that normally makes a living handling the unexpected, why have the last three years practically unhinged us?  Get used to it, folks.  Uncertainty is going to be here in epic proportions for a lot longer.  But we can get somewhat comfortable with it and even make it part of the plan. Enjoy a look at some psychology 101 plus relatable, inspiring storytelling encouraging us to not just survive in uncertainty, but perhaps even thrive as event & hospitality professionals.


Fireside Chat Workshop


A "KLD Signature Experience", topics range from anything in our  Speaking Collection or any specialized topic facing a niche group in the hospitality or special events industry.  See details by visiting our Fireside Chat page.

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Exclusively Wedding Biz

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The Co-Dependent Wedding Planner

Yikes.  That may describe 99% of the industry.  But being of exceptional service to others means being of service to yourself first and foremost.  Discover some of the most toxic behaviors and business practices that may have become a "natural" part of your every day life without even noticing. Learn why they are holding you back and practices you can implement immediately to enjoy a more healthy life and thriving business.

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Sparking Innovation In Fresh New Ways

Learn the best practices of the world's leading innovators: their thought processes, how to prototype an idea in the most financially secure way possible, top mistakes creatives make when innovating, and other counter-intuitive methods designed to inspire creativity in new ways. Plus, enjoy a hands-on, fun exercise bound to leave you chuckling and cementing innovation concepts for take-home value, as well as connecting with other attendees in fresh

& delightful ways.  

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Disney Imagineer-Inspired Leadership: 

on Encouraging Failure

Do you encourage your team to fail (say what)? A company culture that encourages innovation encourages experimentation, and experimentation includes failures and learning from them.  In this session, we take a look at Disney-inspired work culture starting with the Imagineer's way of work and share take-away processes easily applicable to almost any creative business. 

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Inspired Time Management: Identifying & Removing Insidious Distractions

Time management seminars, books & workshops are almost everywhere these days.  But one of the most commonly-overlooked items in time planning is that of proactively recognizing and eliminating distractions that zap our productivity and allow us to be all we are meant to be. We look at some of the more insidious distractions in the life of special event & hospitality pros and that of the creative entrepreneur and provide take-away tools to make achieving your purpose a little easier and more joyful.

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For Fun:

The Razzle Dazzle of Musical Theater & Its Hidden Gems in Inspiring Better Events

What does musical theater and the performing arts have to do with producing events?  Sit back, relax and enjoy a fun look at highlights of some of the best musicals in history and what we can learn from them for events that goes beyond the obvious aesthetic & showmanship aspect into the indescribable "feel" that guests experience.


Prevent Burnout & Spark Creativity by Cultivating Play & Empathy 

The special events & hospitality industry is one of the highest burnout fields in the world.  By cultivating play as an every day practice (and part of our work culture) & practicing empathy with co-workers and colleagues, studies show we are far less likely to burn out, and in fact, are more likely to stimulate creativity and innovation.  

art of saying no

The Art of Telling a Customer "No"

There are many reasons we have to say no and sometimes "no" includes delivering bad or hard-to-hear news for the situation at hand.  In this session, gain inspiration about new ways to say no and redirect the recipient to a better relationship rather than create a divide.  From more common circumstances to those more difficult requiring some extra finessing and magic. Enjoy a master mind session at the end while the speaker facilitates an open discussion and allows anyone to present their most challenging circumstances with regard to having to say no.

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Push Back

In this session, we look at the top 5 reasons push-back can happen and learn how to read each case and respond with the goal of better outcomes, often resulting in a push-forward for all involved.


Push-back is not where dreams go to die, but rather the laboratory where they can be amplified to new levels, and perhaps in the process foster more effective communication and stronger organizations, team work, and long-term client relations. 

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The Essential Element of

Customer Exit Strategy

in Completing

Customer Experience Excellence

We're not talking about the predictable "how to save a sale"strategy.  Nor are we talking about "how to fire" a toxic customer. This session levels up a look at one of the most under-focused-on parts of customer experience: when a customer leaves you. But it is in the "how" we craft the leave process and post-leave-process that ultimately reconciles the relationship- whether or not they book/hire you again. This power session audaciously examines an uncomfortable and often-ignored mission-critical part of customer experience.

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