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From the more conservative to the edgy and unabashedly authentic, to the cozy and intimate, Kerry Lee Doehr tailors her speaking style to her audience.  Whether a more formal, traditional presentation or one of her innovations:  The Fireside Chat Workshop Experience, which gives a nod to the 17th century French “Salon” concept and fosters a Mastermind collaboration with community, Kerry Lee provides an authentic and engaging experience with story-telling, humor, and fact-based research ensuring all participants leave with fresh ideas and inspiration... and in most cases, new connections with one another.


Kerry Lee’s forté lies in working with event managers to craft the design of the event at which she is speaking to ensure a guest experience that will be fresh, unique and encourage inspiration - not just watching a talking head.  Industry educational events should be evolving with the rest of the industry and world and provide more than a predictable, passive experience.   They should be intentionally custom-designed to provide a fresh approach to how participants will learn, collaborate, enjoy the process….and network. 


Through the Academy of Special Event Professionals (ASEP) through Beverly Clark Enterprises, LLC, Kerry Lee's work as Vice President of Education and Marketing allowed her to train and certify hospitality & wedding professionals all over the world including entities such as Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, and more with an online training program she co-authored and developed.  She has spoken for ILEA, HSMAI Washington DC, NACE, local event networking groups, as well as the 14,000 person ARA international event conference in Las Vegas, and was honored to be asked to address a group of Crowne Plaza General Managers on their management retreat.

Below, please find our top specialty topics for 2020. We also welcome custom requests.  If you would like to see our Portfolio , BLOG (all topics are also speaking topics),  Endorsements (Praise) from prior speaking engagements or take a quick look at our speaking style on our Instagram IGTV channel,  we invite you to take a look then come back and connect with us for a conversation.  You can also see where we will be speaking next on our 2020 Speaking Engagements page.

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Surviving the Current Wedding Downspend




Economists predicted another downturn late 2019 through 2020, some say rivaling that of 2007/2008.  Even if the prediction does not come true (or to the full predicted fruition), the fear it induces causes spenders to hold onto their money and spend less.  The top markets expected to be affected by this economic downturn include the wedding and hospitality industry, as well as corporate event business.


Our industry is already seasonal during “good times”, and with the increased market saturation in various geographic areas, many have felt the economical pinch year-round in recent years.   Add in a predicted “wedding downspend” and the future can feel daunting.   But identifying what is going on around you and developing a strategy can allow you not just to survive, but potentially thrive.


This Chat Workshop Experience is part of The Fireside Series a signature style of speaking engagement developed by Kerry Lee Doehr and transferable to almost any location, any time of year.   Attendees will leave with practical and inspirational ideas to take back and use immediately. 


The Presentation & Chat


A brief, fun review of wedding business history over the last 100 years and the epic shifts that have occurred in the last 8 years changing the way we do business.  This sets the stage for what is happening late 2019 into 2020.



  • Top cost-effective (even free) ways of finding new clients and maintaining current ones

  • Inquiry Response Autopsy & Tune Up:is the method you are using to respond to inquiries turning off some and causing you to lose business?  During a downspend, you cannot afford to lose as many inquiries and every single one counts more than ever.  Here we will look at the personality types inquiring and how your style of response may be turning off some before you even have the opportunity to pitch your incredible service/product and explain what sets you apart from the competition.



  • Evaluating your marketing plan for 2020 and why you need two plans to target two distinct market niches

  • A look at the power of Inbound Networking- a method used by world-class CEOs in strategically building partnerships and long-lasting clientele.

The session will end with a facilitated group discussion and collaboration, developing stronger community and networking.

The State of the Wedding Industry | A Century of Evolution: Current Radical Changes That Will Change the Course of History

Define.  Design. Evolve.

Never before has the wedding industry undergone such radical changes.  And those changes are here to stay and are only going to continue.  We are in the middle of an evolution and everything is completely different (for those who have been in business 10 years or longer).  You can't evolve with change unless you understand what is motivating it. This awareness takes away the fear factor, fosters imagination, encourages what is possible, and rockets innovation and inspiration. And these qualities allow you to adapt and become stronger during evolution, not extinct.


This presentation looks at the history of the wedding business industry over the last century and pays careful attention to 4 key factors affecting wedding business over the decades, with a magnified look at the last 7 years when business not only changed exponentially but those 4 key factors got blown up and reconstructed almost entirely.


Based on the detailed look at the last 7 years and current evolution taking place, we will examine:


  • Who Your New Competition Is

  • Which Event Partner Is Now In Charge of the Wedding Planning Process

  • A look at Marketing & Advertising During this Evolution

                 Where to focus your advertising/marketing dollars during the expected 2019 wedding downspend

                 A brief look at Print Advertising vs. Digital within the context of this evolution

                 Why you need two marketing plans to target the Millennial & Gen Z client.  We will look at how each of

                 these generations approach wedding planning and marketing very differently.

Once you have defined what is going on around you, you can design your own masterpiece and evolve even better than before.  What will you create with your new knowledge?

Elevating Your Brand With Legacy-Focused Leadership & Marketing








Leave them a business card that cannot  be lost or destroyed and that no print or digital advertising & marketing campaign can touch in efficacy and in guaranteeing repeat business.


In a world with a hugely shifting wedding market, most regions over-saturated with competition, there is a lot of "noise" for prospective buyers when making their choice on their desired wedding service.  So what are the top ways you can ensure you and your brand stand out above the competition?  Turns out it's not about the fanciest printed or digital media campaigns (although those can help support your overall endeavors), but at the end of the day the top ways you infuse your own legacy of core values that permeates your entire company is the largest "business card" you can leave for everyone to remember you.  This includes your clients, their guests, other event partners and your own in-house customers (your staff).  Everyone is watching.  What are you conveying?


This presentation will:

  • Help you determine the core values of your company and ways to infuse them into every aspect of your business, including top phrases leaders of excellence use to foster teamwork with their creative teams

  • Challenge you and your staff to ask if you are a professional or  being professional - with the top 5 distinguishing characteristics of long-lasting professionals who not only survive -but thrive- beyond every economic downturn.

  • Challenge you and your staff to address how to deal with the rare unhappy client after an event:  to refund or not to refund?  We will ask the tough questions and introduce a concept that will get you thinking about how you handle future situations like this.

  • Get you inspired on new creative ways to network - including the powerfully effective  Inbound Networking


At the end of the presentation, Kerry Lee will facilitate an open discussion and collaboration with participants.

The Essential Elements of Badassery & Grace for Business Longevity





Ideal for the woman* special event & hospitality leader, this edgy presentation takes an unabashedly authentic look at the necessity of badassery and grace as two essential qualities to ensure longevity & leave behind a legendary legacy in business.

Starting with the 20 year Santa Barbara wedding business legacy of presenter Kerry Lee Doehr's personal story single-handedly running her business as a single mother with sole custody, no alimony, no child support or government aid and putting her daughter through private school, purchasing a new car with cash, you will hear how she had to create marketing opportunities and innovate new industry concepts (one of which earned her national media attention),  build a repeat customer base, take on an occasional bully (both client & event-partner-wise), become unafraid of the rare litigation threat (learning how to respond in a way that silenced the antagonist permanently), and more. All while building the legacy for which she is now known - and all without side-gigging, proving that anything is possible when you are driven and when having a non-revenue-generating business is not an option. 

We will then look at the qualities of Badassery and Grace : their definitions, as well as top tips for achieving each and how/why their balance is so important.  Afraid to speak up or worried someone will stop sending you business if you address a situation?   Learn how dissent is actually essential to evolution and progress and lends much-needed contrast and color to building a masterpiece.  Find your "voice" (written or verbal) in challenging situations, as well as learn how to diffuse a tense situation but still accomplish your goals.


Through a real, in-the-trenches, no-holds barred look at the top issues facing the special event industry, we lay it all out and open it up, inviting participant collaboration at the end.

Participants will leave with practical tips they can take and use immediately; leave a bit more inspired that anything is possible- even and especially during challenging times; and finally, perhaps discover a new voice they never knew they had to tackle challenges less fearfully and ultimately bring their own legacy to this industry.

*while primarily geared to inspire women business leaders, we warmly welcome any sex who wants to get revved up, authentic, and inspired for better leadership in the special events and hospitality industry.

How Elevating from the Golden Rule to The Platinum Rule Alters Customer Experience ... and Ensures Loyalty & Longevity




You've heard of the Golden Rule do unto others as you would have done unto you.  Sage, wise advice that has held our society together for approximately 2 millennia.  This is often the basis of customer service in business and it certainly is not wrong.   But have you heard of The Platinum Rule?  Knowing what it is and how it can elevate your team work for internal customers (your employees and creative team members) and external customers (those who pay you for your services) takes service to a whole new level, ensuring loyalty, longevity and largely increased revenue possibilities.

Get inspired from Kerry Lee Doehr's 5 years as the exclusive on-site corporate event manager for the original "horse whisperer" (or "Man Who Listens to Horses")  Monty Roberts at his Flag Is Up Farms in Santa Barbara's wine country and learn how the lessons in partner and trust-based communication with a horse translate in human-to-human relationships.   Corporations from all over the world sent their top executives to Monty's program to watch how listening to and learning another being's language and preferences and communicating in their language develops long-term partnership and better relationships based in trust. 


Hear how Kerry Lee drew a parallel between what the horse whisperer used and The Platinum Rule in running one of Santa Barbara's most long-standing event planning businesses and how it cultivated a loyal following of customers and loyal creative team members alike that supported longevity and her business legacy.


Participants will hear how The Platinum Rule elevates customer experience (both internal and external)  in the day-to-day running of special event and hospitality businesses.  Additionally, they will take away specific action steps  to start implementing the Platinum Rule immediately for their own business legacy and growth.