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Venue Consultation & Event Showcases

Whether it is a private estate or ranch being built from scratch, a family home that wishes to realize some of the niche revenue stream from weddings and special events, or a big open space that is a blank canvas, I have consulted with them all. 

Want to show off a little? Proud of your venue and/or want to get the word out more about your special event location? Allow me to produce an event that shows off your venue to its fullest potential, gets some media attention and best of all: gets all the right movers and shakers in the events industry and community to attend to support increased booking goals.

My services to venues range based on their unique needs and spending plan for what they wish to accomplish.  Here are some highlights of just a few of my venue consultation services.

Project: Consulted with Luxury Ranch Resort being built from scratch in Oregon

Description: Provided full consultation re: how the property should be built for special events and weddings; provided revenue assumptions based on the unique geographic area of the property and custom-developed special event packages as well as destination travel overnight / experience packages to present to investors.

Sample available upon request.

"Ms. Doehr,  who has more than 20 years of hospitality, event management and consulting experience has provided program mix and revenue assumptions. Her skill sets in developing successful programs cannot be underestimated and her contributions to this report have given a valuable understanding of revenue potential from a successfully run program."

~CLSG Consulting


Project: Consulted with Ocean View Farm, a hillside private estate built from scratch to host weddings & events

Description provided feedback on layout for best event flow for guests and catering/vendor access; did extensive research on similar competition and assisted with developing a contract, terms & conditions and competitive pricing, as well as a recommended marketing strategy. Worked with owners to introduce them to the key event professionals from all over Southern California and made recommendations for marketing endeavors.


Project: Consulted with Santa Ynez Inn, Santa Barbara Wine Country's only 4 Diamond Inn

Description Developed a plan to maximize the event space and revised all event contracts, terms and conditions as well as implemented a marketing plan to support the special event initiatives. Resulted in a 400% increase in special event sales.


Photo: Matt Roberts

Project: 20th Business Anniversary & Rebrand for Award-Winning Full Service Santa Barbara Catering Company

Description: Provided full PR and Marketing Support on a company rebrand as well as collaboration on the celebratory special event launching the company into the next 20 years.


Project: Consulted with Alisal River Terrace, a sister-property owned and operated by Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort

Description: Helped a major resort launch a venue with the goal of it becoming a leading wine country wedding and private event location. Consulted with them on the recommended event pricing, contracts and terms and conditions. Assisted with rebrand of a new logo, public relations support, social media strategy and suggested marketing plan. Planned and produced a photo shoot to provide the venue with images they could use for special event marketing and promotion; Planned and produced an event industry showcase with full PR campaign and invited industry & media influencers. Results: Alisal River Terrace is one of the most sought-after non-winery special event venues in Santa Barbara's wine country.

All photos of Alisal River Terrace above by Chelsea Elizabeth

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