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The Essential Renaissance Mini Master Class Collection 

a complimentary speaking engagement series offered for 2021


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Respond.  Consider.  Re-Create.  Normalize. 


Resuscitate, awaken and enliven your department, business or special event/hospitality organization with a renaissance!  This collection of complimentary speaking engagement topics (for live, in-person sessions or virtual meetings & conferences) is designed to reclaim a renewed sense of purpose and leave participants inspired to re-create their position, team or business going forward with unprecedented evolution.   Each topic focuses on creating a culture that is by intentional design and not just left to accidental happenstance or collateral damage from this pandemic.  2020 has offered epic crises and challenges and with the new delta variant, it appears learning how to work with uncertainty isn't going away- it is going to require you become an expert at it.   


Based on executive leadership examples from her 20 years as CEO of one of Santa Barbara’s most long-standing successful event businesses, as well as inspired by the tried and true methods of leadership & customer experience training with her career at Nordstrom coursework from The Disney Institute, and her work within Stanford University as a member of their  Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, attendees are assured of content that is fresh, relevant, applicable and inspiring.  These topics are geared for expert leaders and designed to stir thought.   And just because you aren't a partner, owner, manager or have a leadership title, does not mean you are not a leader.   The content contained in these programs is certain to have participants not only shifting, but perhaps even doing a pirouette, leap in the air and landing in a cha-cha.  "We don't do that," you say?   You do now.     Topics below. 


Lights in the Dark

Think Different.
Work Different.

Evolve Different.

the crown jewel of this collection, this session is designed to inspire an industry renaissance

Length: 60 minutes

Express (45 min) &

Micro Express (30 minute) version

also available

The Essential Element of Conflict & Dissent

in Business 

the crown jewel of this collection, this session is designed to inspire an industry renaissance

Length: 45 minutes

Colorful Flowers
Event Planner


Hospitality & Connection

Into the Impersonal Nature of Virtual Events

Length:  45 minutes

The Art of Having to Tell a 



Length: 45 minutes 

Getting Uncomfortable with Uncertainty and Making It Part of the Plan

Length:  45 minutes



a note from KLD

Yes.  No strings attached.  The COVID19 pandemic devastated the special event and hospitality industry.  As a 20+ year veteran Founder and CEO of one of Santa Barbara's most long-standing event planning businesses weathering all kinds of economies, as well as an experienced trainer and speaker, there has never been a better time to be of service to my community and give back.  From my home base of Santa Barbara, CA to London, England and all over the globe,  I present  5 topic options here that are essentially mini master classes in preparing you, your team, your business or networking group for the next level of industry evolution.  These topics and their process will have participants examining & designing their why and tackling some of the most essential elements necessary to businesses seeking longevity and creating a unique space for themselves going forward.  My speaker's fee is waived completely* for any special event, hospitality business, department, or industry networking organization who chooses one of these topics for an in-person** or virtual engagement for 2020/2021. I want you to take the money you would have spent on a speaker/trainer and invest it back into preserving your business and/or re-building community for your organization.


 Want to learn more about my professional background, speaking and training experience?  I invite you to visit my "about" page as well as Praise and Portfolio pages.  You may also contact me via email.  I usually get back to all inquiries within 2 business days at the most. 

*travel expenses additional outside Santa Barbara, CA USA for any in-person speaking engagement | **all travel subject to following COVID19 travel advisories and safety in our area as well as the place of speaking engagement.  |  all speaking topics are easily transferable to virtual format last minute with no change or cancellation penalties for 2020-2021.

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