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Summit Financial Aid/Scholarship


Your confidential inquiry will be treated discreetly and with respect.  We realize that these are challenging times for everyone.  We believe that The State of the Santa Barbara Wedding Industry "Define, Design, Evolve" Fireside Wine Summit is so important to our community, we want to give everyone the opportunity to attend.  If you want to be there, we want you there! ​ If approved for either financial aid or a full scholarship, you will receive all the benefits of regular-paying attendees and no one will know the difference, as we believe everyone deserves to be treated equally and enjoy the same experience. Before you fill out the below information, please read the following: ​ 1)   Please consider the option of "saving up" for your ticket, if you can't afford it right now.  Don't have the money now but know you can save up for the ticket in a few months?  We may be able to work out a payment plan with you with the requirement that the entire ticket be paid in full by September 15th  or released for sale to others.  If you need a payment plan, consider applying for this, rather than financial aid or full scholarship, which would be tying up limited funds for others who truly may not be able to pay anything at all.  ​ 2)  Please make sure you indicate what - if any- amount you can pay below.  Again, trying to keep in mind that there are expenses that need to be covered by the Host/Producers and if you can afford any amount, please list what it is.  Any bit you can contribute towards your ticket helps offset our expenses and make this attainable for all. ​ We will be back in touch with the next steps as they apply to you and your situation.  Please know we will make every possible effort to accommodate you and your request but cannot guarantee it.  ​

We are grateful to our Community Partner Sponsors Choozly  who are helping make it possible with their donation for event pros in need to be able to attend this Summit.

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