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Marketing & Communications


Effective marketing  and PR is about engagement and story-telling and when used effectively, can be one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to leverage one's sales and marketing spending plan.


Our years in the hospitality and special event industry mean we understand the unique challenges facing you and your business. We speak your language. Our years as a consultant to national wedding marketing brand names such as Beverly Clark Enterprises, ASEP (Academy of Special Event Professionals), several dot com enterprises, and initial public relations training with luxury service giant Nordstrom and continual updated education mean we have received valuable training in how to capture event business, engage prospective clients and turn this engagement into potential revenue through a marketing, communications and social media campaign that works.  

As a professional, published author, Kerry Lee is known for a lively voice with rich words that engage the reader. Her talent is to find the style of voice of the company/brand for whom she is writing and infuse that unique voice into the written word that is essential to successful marketing. Specializing in the hospitality, wedding & event industry, her extensive background includes writing copy for websites, print advertisements, blogs, articles for submission to magazines, publications and national industry blogs, press releases, company newsletters, creating enticing marketing verbiage for sales packages and much more. Her clientele ranges from a Ty Warner -owned property, luxury resorts, boutique inns, catering companies, boutique special event businesses and even a national fitness brand and IT company. 

With a featured regular "column" on the world-renowned Special Events Magazine, Kerry Lee's articles are often in the top 4 of Google News.

Please see our Case Studies and Client Testimonials for samples.


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