2020 Speaking Engagements

We're going places!
Ok, we were going places this year.  Like so much of the rest of 2020, our originally-scheduled speaking engagements and tentative holds were shifted or cancelled.  However, we are thrilled to announce that our one remaining live speaking session in Lake Tahoe for October of this year is still moving forward (details below)!  Please check back regularly as we update this page with 2021 engagements.  We are also offering our complimentary mini-master class renaissance speaking collection series for any special event, hospitality business or organization seeking a jump start & professional speaker at this unique time.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020  | Time:  6:00pm 

Hosted by: NACE Reno/Tahoe Chapter (non-members welcome, too!)

Where:  Edgewood Resort at Tahoe

TOPIC:  Think Different. Work Different. Evolve Different.

               A Mini Master Class Designed for an Industry Renaissance...or maybe even a revolution.

Reflect, Restore and Renew at the gorgeous lakeside Edgewood Resort in Lake Tahoe.   Featured speaker Kerry Lee Doehr is inviting participants to “Think Different. Work Different.  & Evolve Different”.

This presentation takes three of Speaker Kerry Lee's most in-demand topics used for renewing the "why" for special event and hospitality leaders and consolidates them into one 45 minute ignited powerhouse session that is grassroots fresh and relevant year-round. Participants will be challenged to some mental gymnastics, as well as inspiration & story-telling along the way.  For the first time in our industry's history, we are literally building the new playbook as we go.  We have the power to take 2020 into 2021 and make it the single most transformative year of our lives and business.  It's ours to do with what we want.   

Created for leaders, this session's content is for anyone who is a thinker, has the courage to go deep, ask better questions and is passionate about creating change for their organization, our industry, and the world.

Lay a new foundation for a renaissance by examining the following:

Think Different

  • What was happening prior to COVID19 in our economy and industry and why going “back to normal” shouldn’t even be on your wish list.

  • The reason why you know you can survive this time and come out on the other side- even ahead.

  • Defining the "new playbook" for special event & hospitality professionals.

  • How optimism during an epic pandemic crisis may be encouraging your demise (wait, what?) 

  • How focusing on the "when" as your determiner of success leaves you vulnerable for missing current epic opportunities to re-invent and innovate.

Work Different:

  • Establishing a business /department that is by design, and not default.

  • Getting clear on your “why”, including leadership & mission based on core values and how those  translate to every aspect of your business /department from start to finish, and at every touch point.  Hint:  your "why" is not necessarily your unique selling proposition or branding. 

Evolve Different:

  • The essential role of dissent ("good trouble") in contributing to progress and evolution; how to be comfortable with it, manage it, and encourage it internally, with your customers, and with your events and hospitality community.

  • Evolution through asking the tough questions.

  • Innovation through asking better questions (what are "better questions"?)

When life throws crises that bring you to your knees:  Respond.  Explore.  Re-Create.  Normalize. We will do exactly this in this session and provide participants with the inspiration to carry forward and do this in our industry, whatever their role.  

TICKETS: Purchased Through NACE Reno/Tahoe Chapter directly here


More to come.... check back soon!

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