2020 Speaking Engagements

We're going places!
May 1, 2020 update:  Like the rest of the world, we were dealt a few curve balls in mid-March, and are in the process of some pivoting.  But that doesn't mean we are not moving forward with some fabulous new updates and fresh speaking engagements. We are still going places... just in different ways:  check back to see our updates and creative pivots.

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020  | Time:  5:30pm

Hosted by: NACE Ventura/Santa Barbara Chapter  

Where:  Topa Topa Brewery, Ventura - new beer gardens at 4880 Colt St.

TOPIC:  Moving Beyond The Current 2020 Wedding Downspend:  Define. Design.  Evolve.



A brief, fun review of wedding business history over the last 100 years and the epic shifts that have occurred in the last 8 years changing the way we do business.  This sets the stage for what is happening from late 2019 into 2020.



  • Top cost-effective (even free) ways of finding new clients and maintaining current ones

  • Inquiry Response Autopsy & Tune Up:is the method you are using to respond to inquiries turning off some and causing you to lose business?  During a downspend, you cannot afford to lose as many inquiries and every single one counts more than ever.  Here we will look at the personality types inquiring and how your style of response may be turning off some before you even have the opportunity to pitch your incredible service/product and explain what sets you apart from the competition.



  • Evaluating your marketing plan for 2020 and why you need two plans

  • A look at the power of Inbound Networking- a method used by world-class CEOs in strategically building partnerships and long-lasting customer /client loyalty.

Thought-Provoking Evolution: The better questions you need to be asking if you not only want to survive- but thrive and come out ahead of -the current downspend, including one of the best thought processes genius creatives take which set them apart.


TICKETS: Purchased Through NACE Ventura/Santa Barbara Chapter here




Tuesday, September 1, 2020  | Time: Afternoon

Hosted by: The ACCP- Association of Club Catering Professionals

Where:  The Fairmont Miramar Hotel, Santa Monica, CA

TOPIC:  Wedding Woes or Wins? Managing Member

              Expectation and Experience  |  Define.  Design.  Evolve.

Everyone loves perusing the images of internationally-famed wedding & event designers and gaining inspiration from their work.   But what do you do when your members come to you asking you to create a similar event they saw on a blog or magazine, but with a spending plan that is a fraction of the actual cost?  Add in the current wedding downspend happening late 2019 through 2020, and things start getting real. 


Define:  In this talk we will set the stage with a brief look at the current wedding & event economy as it is happening now and expected through 2020, various steps you can take for a very real approach to sales and marketing at this time, then Design:  take a look at one over-the-top designed event (and the costs that went with it) and break down tips and steps to re-create a similar event on a more limited spending plan, and Evolve:  leave you with take-away sales, marketing and member experience tips you can start implementing right away that will take you through the current event downspend and beyond.

TICKETS: Purchased Through ACCP directly here.  Note: you do not have to be a member of the ACCP to attend, but they respectfully request you be in the club industry.


Tuesday, October 6, 2020  | Time:  Evening (TBA)

Hosted by: NACE Reno/Tahoe Chapter

Where:  Edgewood Resort at Tahoe

TOPIC:  To be announced- currently being finalized.

TICKETS: Purchased Through NACE Reno/Tahoe Chapter directly here


More to come.... check back soon!

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