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Case Study:

Project: Co-Producer and Designer for a season of Party Time with Scott Topper on TV Santa Barbara.

Description: We were thrilled to be asked to co-produce one of the last seasons of local TV show "Party Time with Scott Topper". Scott has been a long time DJ & MC in our area and founded this show with the unique aspect of hosting and interviewing local event professionals.

For the season I was asked to co-produce and design the set for all the episodes, I wanted to mix it up. Rather than the same pretty set for each episode, I thought it would be unique to have each episode with its own theme, as if the viewer were being invited into a party with that theme.

Result: Party Time With Scott Topper won an award for set design for this particular season.

As always, any endeavor is a team effort, and we are so grateful for all the event vendors who provided goods and services for each episode.

Episode One: Moroccan Themed with lanterns, floor pillows and catering that featured sumptuous foods (also great conversation for the interviews)

Episode Two: Library/Gentleman's (or GentleWoman's) Lounge a la Masterpiece Theater. Mock fire in the background, jewel tones, and of course a bar set featuring whiskey or adult beverage of choice.

Episode Three: Garden Setting - Mid Spring Dream - light and airy

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